Since 1964, Sonitrol Security Systems Delaware has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in North America.
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    Since 1964, Sonitrol Security has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in North America, with a combination of human know-how and the latest technology. Our system is so sophisticated that we often catch criminals before they gain entry to our customers' facilities.
    Delaware (302) 652-3060
    Outside Delaware (877) 652-3060
    Our Address 802 First State Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19804
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    The Best Way to Protect Your Business Is 24/7 Monitoring

    Protecting your business has never been more important than it is today. While many crimes have moved to the digital plane, there's still a significant risk of a physical break-in. Your business is your livelihood, which means you need to treat it as such. And the best way to do just that and prevent burglary is with high-quality burglar detection. Here's why. Trust in the Professionals Almost anyone can install cameras and keep an eye on their business when they feel the need. However, that's often not enough. What if you had highly trained professionals constantly monitoring for criminals and being able to contact authorities when you're not aware? Many alarm systems have a delay process before contacting your monitoring company the delay can be anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes. Verified burglar detection systems are constantly watching your business to maintain security at all times. Having a security system that...

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    Deter Shoplifting In 3 Easy Steps

    It's estimated that retailers in North America will lose nearly $45 billion in inventory shrink each year. When you want to deter theft from happening in the first place, follow these tips to keep your inventory safe. Watch for common shoplifting tricks Shoplifters often use the same tricks when they visit retail stores. Common techniques they use include: Working in groups -- If you see a group of people consisting of three or more, that's your cue to watch out. While it's rare that families will shoplift together, large groups of people might attempt to distract employees while other members stow away valuable goods. Large bags -- Large bags make it easy to conceal a variety of items. Also, watch for shoplifters who bring in multiple bags. Overly baggy clothing -- This includes large jackets or cargo shorts that have the opportunity for concealing many items. Loose clothing can also leave enough room for layering...

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    3 Tips to Protect Your Business During the Holidays

    With the holidays quickly approaching, more and more people are going to be out and about looking for gifts. And unfortunately, not everyone plans on paying for these gifts. Theft significantly increases during the holidays, with more break-ins occurring during the last two weeks of the year than any other time of the year. So businesses need to prepare now to prevent becoming a victim of theft. We've compiled a short list of tips to help protect your business this holiday season.   Go over security policies: The easiest way to prevent theft is by reviewing security policies and protocols with your employees. All employees should be aware of security protocols, like locking up and setting the alarm. If the office is going to be closed for the holidays, ensure all employees know where to lock up their belongings in the office and you should update the alarm company of the holiday hours....

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    Top 3 Ways To Keep Your Employees Responsible

    Human error happens within every industry. Forgetting to clock in, miscounting money in the drawer, or making small mistakes are common. Though technology has made it easier to streamline the workplace, it's still increasingly important to promote workplace responsibility among your staff. Here are some of the best ways to do just that.  Encourage leadership within the workplace Before you involve any technology, establishing a healthy workplace is key. If your employees don't trust their workplace and management, it's going to foster an unhealthy, negative working environment. Work to build trust among your employees and showcase a positive attitude. If you're not willing to serve as a role model with positive leadership to your employees, you might be in the wrong profession.  Install security cameras Security cameras are beneficial to businesses for a number of reasons. Not only do they protect your business and employees, but they also help create a more responsible working environment....

    burglar detection

    3 Security Features Every School Needs To Keep Kids Safe

    When you think of school security, a few common images come to mind: security guards, cameras, and maybe even a metal detector.  Many schools work hard to keep their children and faculty safe, whether it be through burglar detection or fire protection; but schools are still targets of violence and theft. Here are some of the best security features that should be implemented in a school in addition to these common methods.    CCTV Camera Solutions A CCTV camera solution is one of the best ways to track the comings and goings of students and faculty alike. Using them both inside and outside the school property can deter violence among students, identify dangerous activities, and help locate students in times of danger. Security cameras should also traverse the school grounds, including fields when necessary.  Of course, be sure to inform students and faculty about security camera locations and ensure student privacy is withheld in private...

    Common Misconceptions About Security

    Thousands of small, medium and large businesses are broken into every day, with the result sometimes being catastrophic for the company. Whether opening for the first time, moving locations or simply looking to upgrade, business owners have a lot of aspects to consider. The security of their premises should be high priority on that list. Nearly 9 per cent of small businesses suffered a burglary in 2016, according to Chicago-based insurance agency Insureon. The survey revealed that a business owner could pay up to $8,000 out of their own pocket following a burglary incident - not a small price to pay. Thankfully, there are security measures a business can take to significantly lower that risk, but choosing the right option is essential. Here at Sonitrol Security of Delaware Valley, we’ve created a list of the five most common misconceptions when it comes to conventional security systems. 1 - All security companies use the same technology Most security...

    Copper Security Critical as Price Reaches New High

    The importance of implementing a security solution to protect your copper assets, such as wiring or tubing, has been a hot topic in recent years. Recent soaring prices have made this absolutely essential for any businesses that have copper on their sites.  This was made more apparent earlier this week when the price of copper jumped to its highest price in three months, up 3.7 per cent on Tuesday (June 5). The in-demand metal reached $3.25 a pound or $7,165 a ton, eclipsing last month’s high of $3.14 per pound.  Copper has been steadily increasing in price since 2016, and criminals now know that this is a lucrative material to target. Copper theft is a growing problem in North America. Whether you have any amount of copper at your construction site, on your compound or warehouse or simply in your vacant building, you’re vulnerable to copper theft. Demand for copper is high, making it an easy...

    3 Reasons Sound-Based Verified Alarms Are Crucial For Business Security

    When it comes to intrusion security for your business, there are a number of reasons you should take it seriously. First, and most obviously, you want to protect your products from theft. Second, you might have corporate data that could be used as leverage against your company. And third, you could have personal information that you store in your office that you don't want to become public knowledge. Privacy and security must be the top priorities for every business owner. Even if you have video surveillance and sophisticated locks, your business might be vulnerable. One of the most overlooked security measures is the use of sound-based verified alarms. Here is how they protect your business.  Audio Detection Where many motion sensing devices fail, audio detection devices succeed. If a criminal is attempting to break into your company, they could very well know that there are motion-triggered cameras, and know where they are...

    The Holy Trinity of Daytime Retail Surveillance Technology

    It's one thing to protect against break-ins to your business at night, but surveillance solutions that prevent daytime losses are quite a bit more difficult. Daytime security monitoring is an essential part of any retail shopping center or storefront, but it's also much more difficult than many business owners realize. By definition, your property will see more traffic during daylight hours, which means there are more threats to guard against. For instance, 34.5% of inventory shrink comes from employees theft, while 38% comes from shoplifting. Both sources of theft are far more common than nighttime burglaries. Between these two sources of daylight product loss, you have a significant reason to implement business security systems for use during business hours. On top of that, daytime retail security technology can protect your business from false insurance claims and other types of liability. So the next time you're ready to upgrade your retail business's security...

    4 Types of Commercial Security That Keep Businesses On Lock

    It’s no secret that burglar alarms are a strong deterrent to theft, but did you know that 83% of convicted burglars say that they would attempt to find out if an alarm was present before trying to burglarize? Having a commercial security system in place is especially prudent for businesses that have significant assets that need protection. The question, then, is what type of business security solutions will work best for your company? Types of Security Systems Video Surveillance is a staple in the securities industry. It allows you to watch your cameras remotely for any malicious actors attempting to burgle your business. There are a couple of flaws, though. First, the resolution of these cameras can be quite poor unless you shell out a bit of extra cash. Second, and more importantly, they require someone watching them in order to prevent crimes. They might be a strong deterrent, but if a...