Since 1964, Sonitrol Security Systems Delaware has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in North America.
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    Since 1964, Sonitrol Security has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in North America, with a combination of human know-how and the latest technology. Our system is so sophisticated that we often catch criminals before they gain entry to our customers' facilities.
    Delaware (302) 652-3060
    Outside Delaware (877) 652-3060
    Our Address 802 First State Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19804
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    intrusion security

    Why You Need a Commercial Security System

    Regardless of what type of service or business you are, if you have valuable products, a well-rounded security system is essential. Although burglaries happen more often in residential homes, the value of stolen items is much higher in businesses. Your business’ assets are not just products and equipment, they are also your customers’ information and your confidential documents. Intrusion prevention systems monitor networks and systems for malicious activity. Here are some of the major benefits of installing a commercial security system for intrusion security. Vandalism Vandalism can easily cost your business thousands of dollars. Additionally, with acts of vandalism, it is more difficult to identify the culprit because of how quickly the crime occurs. A security system that includes surveillance cameras, alarms, and 24/7 monitoring can help scare off vandals and help authorities identify these vandals afterward. You will be able to catch anything that happens on camera and can turn the...

    commercial security solutions

    3 Security Solutions To Protect Your Business

    For many reasons, you need to consider the security of your commercial business. Security breaches can come in many forms, but they're most often executed for purposes relating to theft. Additionally, commercial businesses need to be protected in case of sabotage. This does happen, unfortunately, more often than we would like; it's estimated that police respond to 38 million alarm activations each year. Commercial security solutions are effective not merely in catching perpetrators but preventing security breaches in the first place. The presence of commercial security solutions often dissuades potential offenders. The question is, what should you invest in when trying to secure your business? 1. Security Cameras Perhaps chief among commercial security solutions to this day are security cameras. Security cameras can be placed in multiple locations, increasing their effectiveness. Generally, they can be used to surveil entryways, exits, and locations throughout the business. Not only will potential outside perpetrators be dissuaded...

    unauthorized entry

    Protecting Your Business and Assets with Proper Security Alarms

    Protecting your business against unauthorized entry is the best way to protect your business assets. You work hard to build and grow your business. Starting over and amassing the assets you need to conduct business is not an option. There are simple ways to increase the physical security of your business and protect against unauthorized entry. You Should Have an Alarm System No matter where your business is located, you should never think that it is not prone to burglary. While some areas are less prone to burglary than others, it is also true that crime occurs everywhere. Thieves are opportunists. If your business is an easy target, they will steal your property. An alarm can be a great deterrent. About 50% of intruders report they would have stopped the burglary if they spotted an alarm system. A reliable alarm system deters criminals from trying to gain unauthorized entry to your business property. Secure...

    Choosing a Security System For Your School

    Choosing a Security System For Your School Schools are designed to be a safe learning environment for children. Parents send their children to school under the assumption that the staff is going to keep them safe and preserve their well-being. Bringing peace of mind to not only the children but to the parents can be hard when the teacher-to-student ratio might be low. One way to bring peace of mind to everyone is by choosing to invest in high-quality alarm systems. Doing research can help better explain why a security system is a right choice. Necessary Features of School Security Systems There are a few features to look for when investing in a commercial security system. One of these features is central monitoring. This uses verified audio detection to reduce incidences of intrusion. A simple presence of a camera is shown to force intruders to turn away. In fact, roughly 67% of burglaries are...

    commercial security services

    5 Common Threats to Commercial Security

    Commercial security services are essential to any property, whether it's a business, school, office, or other commercial property. Before choosing security services, it is important to learn more about common threats to commercial security and how to choose the best security options. Intrusion/Theft Theft is one of the most common threats to commercial security. The best way to protect your assets is to invest in a top-notch security system. Many alarm systems have a built-in delay before contacting your monitoring company that can range anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes. Choose a security company that provides live monitoring from a central monitoring station to guarantee immediate detection in the event of intrusion. False Alarms False alarms are a risk to your security because they are a waste of time for both you and law enforcement. Protect against false alarms by choosing a fully integrated security system that provides operator verification when your alarm...

    commercial surveillance

    5 Factors To Consider When Picking Commercial Surveillance Systems

    The 2016 National Retail Security Survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF) in partnership with the University of Florida showed that 38% of inventory shrink is attributed to shoplifting, with employee theft contributing to 34.5 %. While the shrink percentages have dropped over the last decade, the monetary cost due to the shrinks continues to rise. According to the NRF, the losses arising from the inventory shrink were $48.9 billion in value. Commercial surveillance security systems can help you nab the shoplifters and rogue employees, deterring further crimes. You may need to pick the right burglar detection system and CCTV camera solution that addresses your security concerns fully. Here are five factors to keep in mind when picking the right solution for you. 1. On-site Vs. Cloud-based Vs Hybrid Surveillance Commercial surveillance involves the strategic placement of security cameras, audio detection systems, and alarm controls across your property. You can then monitor movement or...

    audio-based intrusion detection system

    3 Reasons to Consider an Audio-Based Intrusion Detection System for Your Business

    According to SafeWise, businesses are four times more likely to be targeted by burglars than residential homes. Break-ins remain a source of worry for most store owners, with one in every ten small businesses reporting theft or burglary. Business security solutions from commercial security companies have been shown to reduce burglary incidences by 67%. You may need to invest in an audio-based intrusion detection system to deter criminals from targeting your assets. Here are three reasons why you should invest in this verified security system. 1. Reduced False-Alarm Rates Conventional business alarm systems cannot verify what triggered an alarm to go off. According to two researchers from Temple University, 94 to 98% of all alarm activations are false. False activations may place unnecessary pressures on you, the emergency responders, and the taxpayer as it results in wasted time and resources for all parties involved. An audio-based intrusion detection system utilizes small audio sensors...

    integrated alarm system

    Why Sound is Critical for Business Integrated Alarm Systems

    To keep a business secure, it is essential to have a reliable integrated alarm system. It must be efficient enough to detect intrusion without human intervention. Modern equipment utilizes sound, infrared, and video surveillance technology to make intrusion detection effective. Many systems in the past used motion-sensing technologies, but sound detection is proving to be a better alternative for detecting intrusion in business premises and industrial plants. Here is how a sound alarm system works and why it is more efficient than light and motion technologies. Detecting Intrusion with Sound An integrated alarm system may have a sound sensor that can detect noises at varying frequencies. Once the device detects a threat within a predefined boundary, it will send a message that will activate the camera. The camera responds in real-time and sends data to a security center. At the center, a security professional will review the sounds from the audio detection system to...

    commercial security

    3 Cool Features Commercial Security Can Provide Your Business

    Running and managing a business requires a lot of hard work, time, and energy. Adding possible problems to the already-hard aspect of running a business can make it even worse. With statistics from the Global Retail Theft Barometer citing that around $45 billion worth of inventory is lost due to inventory shrink every year among North American retailers, there has never been a more needed time to protect your business. However, commercial security systems can do a lot more than just alert you to theft and burglary. Here are three cool features that a commercial security system can provide your business. 1. Audio intrusion detection One feature of verified alarm systems that you may not find in all commercial security is audio intrusion detection. This means that when the alarm is tripped, there is technology in place to allow professionals to monitor your business via audio. Not only does audio detection provide an...

    commercial intrusion security

    Does an Alarm System Actually Help to Keep My Business Safe?

    One of the most important things every business should have is a commercial intrusion security system. Alarm systems help protect your business from burglars. Commercial burglaries in the U.S. cost businesses over $800 million in property loss. Having a commercial intrusion security system installed can help prevent about 67% of all burglaries. Because of the effectiveness of commercial intrusion security system, having a system installed in your business is a smart investment to protect your property and your money. But how exactly does a security system such as a commercial intrusion security system actually help to keep your business safe aside from detecting when someone has been on your property? Here are four ways your security system really does keep your business safe: They help employees feel safe: A robbery can be a scary situation to be in. You might tense up and be unsure of what to do. If robbers get...