Since 1964, Sonitrol Security Systems Delaware has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in North America.
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    Since 1964, Sonitrol Security has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in North America, with a combination of human know-how and the latest technology. Our system is so sophisticated that we often catch criminals before they gain entry to our customers' facilities.
    Delaware (302) 652-3060
    Outside Delaware (877) 652-3060
    Our Address 802 First State Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19804
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    internal security system

    Why Is Internal Security Important?

    When you work hard to create a business, you need to work equally hard to protect it. You must protect access to your business property to ensure it's safe for people working or visiting the area. Plus, you don’t want to suffer any unnecessary losses. When you have several layers of security in check, you can enjoy a profitable business for years to come. Read on to see why your internal security system is vital to your business. Theft Prevention Thanks to an internal security system, you can protect your precious products and the equipment that goes into making them. According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer published by the Center for Retail Research, North American retail businesses have inventory losses of up to $45 billion annually. Loss can result from theft from thieves as well as employees with sticky fingers. With a proper surveillance system, you can monitor staff to see...

    fire protection

    4 Dangers of an Outdated Fire Protection System

    Fire protection is essential for any business. After all, according to the National Fire Protection Association, the fire department responds to a fire every 24 seconds in the United States. Your fire protection system can become useless if you don't maintain or update it as needed. Read on to see four essential reasons why such an upgrade is essential to your company. 1. Injuries and Fatalities A fire can be devastating to human life. If an uncontrolled fire breaks out, people can easily suffer from smoke inhalation. As a matter of fact, smoke inhalation is the cause of death in many fires compared to contact with the fire itself. Contact with a fire could result in bad burns that result in scarring and extensive surgery. Of course, the fire itself could cause death. 2. Liability As a business owner, updated fire protection systems can protect you from liability. After all, if injuries or deaths...

    automated systems

    3 Common Causes of False Alarms

    You did your research and decided a business security system would give you greater peace of mind. But perhaps you've found those reassuring alarms blaring at inconvenient times over harmless triggers. False alarms, while disruptive, often result from understandable causes. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, an estimated 94% to 98% of police responses to alarms are made to false alarms. Here are some frequent culprits behind false security system alarms. 1. Unexpected Guests Trigger Motion Sensors You notified your system you'd be out, only to get an alert of interior movement. The likely reason? You forgot that an employee would be swinging by outside of their usual hours. Motion sensors on automated systems, while helpful features, can't distinguish between intruders and expected guests. When scheduling unexpected shifts or maintenance, remember to adjust settings appropriately. It's additionally a wise idea to provide employees with phone numbers to call in case of...

    3 Benefits of Verified Audio Protection

    Business security is about more than just deterring potential intruders. It's also about having peace of mind knowing that your property is protected even when you're not there. Adding verified audio protection takes that peace of mind to the next level by giving you audio evidence if an alarm does get triggered. Here are some of the top benefits you'll enjoy. 1. Immediate Alerts to Authorities With verified audio protection, you'll get real-time intrusion detection to keep your business safe. With verified audio protection, there are monitoring professionals listening to determine if there are security risks at hand. These professionals are well experienced and will inform authorities immediately of the threat at your doors. The trained operators can tell if sounds are routine or out of the ordinary, making this security method advantageous to any business owner. As police are dispatched, operators will stay on the line to communicate any vital information....

    surveillance camera

    24/7 Vigilance: The Vital Role of Video Surveillance

    Security should be a priority for every business owner. A high-quality surveillance camera is one of the best ways to protect your business at all hours. Here are three things you need to know about round-the-clock surveillance. 1. It's There When You Can't Be No one can be at their business 24/7 to keep a watchful eye. Video surveillance picks up where you left off. It's there around the clock, monitoring your property. No matter what type of commercial property you own, a surveillance camera can be your eyes and ears when you can't be there. Video surveillance is a cost-effective way to keep an eye on your property day or night. It will ensure your property is safe and alert you when it's not. You will be able to alert the police immediately if something happens. You can access your camera remotely from wherever you are to check your property. It's a...

    secure building

    Why Your Building Needs a Security System

    You certainly want your building and everything in it to remain safe and secure. After all, it contains valuable assets like inventory, equipment, furnishings, and sensitive information. Not to mention, you, your employees, and customers spend a considerable amount of time there each day. Installing a security system in your building is one of the best ways to create a more secure environment. Know What a Security System Includes A building security system is made up of various components that work together to deter crime and detect threats. Systems may include features like security cameras, motion sensors, entry alerts, smoke detectors, panic buttons, and alarm keypads. The cameras provide visibility into all areas while the other devices notify you or authorities of breaches. All the data transmits to a control panel that allows you to monitor everything and control the system from one secure location. Some systems also incorporate secure access controls...

    burglar detection

    Keeping Intruders at Bay: The Role of Business Alarm Systems

    You've worked hard to build your business, so you must do what you can to protect it. A business alarm system is essential to ensure your hard work doesn't go to waste due to theft. With proper burglar detection, you can avoid property loss and threats to your employees' safety. Read on for insight into the benefits business alarms provide. Deter Intrusion The mere sight of an alarm label or surveillance camera has the power to stop an intrusion. According to the Electronic Security Association, even during impulsive, unplanned burglaries, more than 50% of surveyed thieves said they would stop a burglary after discovering an alarm. Taking this first step in prevention can go a long way in avoiding human harm or property damage. Avoid Fines While a false alarm can happen anytime, too many can be detrimental to your finances. When an alarm goes off, the proper authorities have to show up, whether...

    high quality alarm systems

    The Value of Investing in a High-Quality Alarm System

    Your business is an important investment. That's why it's worth it to install high-quality alarm systems. With the right alarm system, you can protect your assets and employees from harm and automatically alert authorities. Here are some reasons why you should maximize your business security with high-tech products right away. Prevent Theft According to the Electronic Security Association, approximately 83% of convicted burglars who participated in a study said they would try to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary. By having obvious video surveillance systems and motion detectors, you can prevent a burglar from invading your property. This way, you're adding to your business's safety and protecting your hard-won assets. Control Access You don't want just anyone entering your commercial property. Of course, it's important to consider that access control doesn't just pertain to keeping burglars away. Even employees may cause problems if they enter the premises after hours. With...

    top-notch security system

    Exploring the Advantages of Property Video Surveillance

    There are many ways to keep your commercial property secure. One of the most effective methods of protection businesses can use is video surveillance. Here are a few reasons to invest in a top-notch security system. Automatic Alerts With video surveillance, you don't always have to keep an eye on your property. Your cameras do that for you, and they're capable of sending automatic alerts to the appropriate authorities. According to our internal resources, police respond to 38 million alarm activations per year. Your surveillance system can be attached to a silent alarm that's triggered when a person passes a certain point to instantly let the police know someone is on your property. Evidence If a crime happens, evidence is often needed to make a case with the police or to present in court. There's no better evidence than a solid video. With a video security system surrounding your property, you'll be able to...

    security systems

    5 Ways to Tell You’re Using Quality Security Systems

    The world of security systems continues to evolve as technology advances. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fire alarm and security industry has over 80,000 employees. However, now you're faced with a range of low-quality systems alongside ones of higher quality. Here are a few ways to ensure you're using a quality security system. 1. Intrusion Detection Some security systems are specially designed to let you know if a door opens, but that's about it. Other systems go above and beyond to detect intruders. These systems have state-of-the-art features like seeing when any door or window opens to alert you of intruders. Look for systems with multiple door and window sensors to keep your building safe. 2. Reliable Cameras Every security system should have some form of monitoring. Security cameras should monitor the outdoors and have night vision so you can prosecute people trespassing. They should also be positioned to...