Since 1964, Sonitrol Security Systems Delaware has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in North America.
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    Since 1964, Sonitrol Security has been the trusted name for providing home and business security systems in North America, with a combination of human know-how and the latest technology. Our system is so sophisticated that we often catch criminals before they gain entry to our customers' facilities.
    Delaware (302) 652-3060
    Outside Delaware (877) 652-3060
    Our Address 802 First State Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19804
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    commercial surveillance

    Where Should Businesses Place Their Security Cameras?

    Today, security is a top concern for businesses of all sizes. Installing commercial surveillance cameras is an effective way to better your security measures. According to our research, 1 out of every 7 businesses in the United States has an alarm system. However, determining the optimal placement for digital video surveillance can be challenging. Businesses must carefully assess their premises and identify key areas requiring constant monitoring. This blog post will explore some essential considerations about where security cameras should be placed. 1. Entrances and Exits The main locations for commercial surveillance cameras are entrances and exits. These areas are critical points for monitoring and deterring potential intruders. Placing cameras at main entrances, loading docks, and employee-only entrances can help track individuals entering or leaving. Additionally, capturing clear footage of faces and license plates can aid in identifying any unauthorized access attempts. 2. Parking Lots Parking lots are often vulnerable areas prone to theft,...

    4 High-Tech Solutions to Make Schools Safer

    With the rise of school shootings and other violent incidents, schools are looking for high-tech solutions for reliable and effective security measures. When students and staff enter their school, their safety is paramount. Schools should be an environment that allows students to feel connected to their peers and teachers, which can enhance their academic and personal success. Having reliable and effective security solutions can help deter those intending to create harm on the premises. According to the Electronic Security Association, more than 50% of burglars who discovered an alarm caused them to discontinue their burglary, whether it was planned or impulsive. It's clear that security solutions can make a difference. When schools prioritize safety, they are also more likely to attract and retain highly skilled teachers who can provide students with the best possible education. We've listed four of the best high-tech solutions to help make your schools safer. 1. Monitoring and...

    commercial security systems

    Locking Your Doors Isn’t Enough: Here’s Why

    An estimated 2.5 million break-ins cost businesses and residences an estimated $3.4 billion in personal and financial losses every year, according to The Zebra. With 1.5 million of those break-ins being commercial burglaries, according to Forbes, the need for a comprehensive set of commercial security systems is apparent. Just locking your doors won't do and will only make you feel protected when you're still at risk. You need a comprehensive security system from Sonitrol Security Technology, Delaware's leader in verified alarms. Here's why! You're Only As Secure As Your Least Secured Door It only takes one successful entry attempt to compromise your entire building security setup. No matter how secure you believe your building is, its security can be compromised by a single lock that's not fully engaged. The biggest cause of building break-ins is employees leaving a door propped open to take a smoke break. Backing Up Your Alarms with Uniformed Security...

    verified audio protection

    What Is a Verified Audio Detection System?

    Virtually all types of businesses should have effective and reliable alarm systems. According to our internal resources, police officers respond to 38 million activations of security alarms every year, some of which are false alarms. Verified audio protection helps to prevent false alarms. Sonitrol Security is a leading provider of audio-verified security in the Delaware Valley. Our staff combines audio detection with CCTV to closely monitor your business and provide timely responses to potential break-ins. Our verified audio detection systems provide the solutions you need to keep your business safe. Read on to learn more about how they work. How Verified Audio Protection Works Verified audio detection helps to affirm when alarms are legitimate and a break-in is underway. The sound detection system picks up the noise made when one or more intruders enter your business and sounds an alert. The alert provides a monitoring service with instant confirmation that the alarm is genuine....

    fire detection

    3 Fire Detection Features Your Business Needs

    A fire can be devastating for any business. Unfortunately, in the United States, fire departments respond to a fire every 24 seconds. While you cannot prevent every fire from happening, what you can do is use fire detection systems to help detect fires and get those fires put out as quickly as possible, minimizing the fire damage. Here are a few fire detection features that your business can benefit from. 1. Smoke Detection A smoke detection system is a tried and true method for detecting fires in a home or business early on. Smoke rises and as soon as smoke detectors detect the presence of smoke, they sound a loud alarm. This helps individuals to get out of a home or business. Having smoke detectors that are properly placed and functioning are key to helping detect a fire in a home or building. 2. Temperature and Heat Monitoring Systems While smoke detectors have been...

    6 Ways to Avoid False Alarm Activations

    False alarm activations can be a nuisance for commercial properties, schools, and town and city offices. It's important to have top notch security systems to reduce the risk of false alarms, as statistics show that 94-98% of alarm activations are false. With this in mind, there are various ways to avoid false alarm activations. 1. Make Sure Your System Works You need a thorough understanding of how the security system operates before using it. Familiarizing yourself with the components and settings of the alarm network is essential to minimizing false alarms. Understanding how your security system works can also help you recognize potential causes of false alarms and how to address them quickly. 2. Have Regular Checks Done Regular checks are a great way to ensure top notch security system operations. Qualified professionals will check the wiring and settings of your alarm system to ensure it's functioning properly. Regular inspections also help identify any...

    reliable and effective security

    What Features Should Your Video Surveillance System Have?

    Surveillance cameras are an important part of any security system. According to a recent study by Cambridge, about 67% of break-ins can be avoided by the presence of surveillance cameras. Criminals will avoid buildings outfitted with surveillance cameras and equipment. When choosing your security cameras, you should look for the following features to ensure you get the height of protection from your cameras. HD Resolution To get the crisp, clear images that you need, make sure you choose cameras that have high-definition abilities. HD delivers a clear image that is easy to interpret. HD features allow you to see the smallest details in a photo. HD features will help you to effectively monitor a location even when it is dark or dim. Make sure that HD is listed as a feature. IP Cameras IP enabled is an important feature because you can see your surveillance camera from your phone anywhere you have an internet connection....

    intrusion security

    Where Should You Have Security Cameras Installed?

    Security cameras are crucial to securing schools, commercial properties, offices, and other heavily trafficked spaces. They prevent employee theft and keep intruders from breaking in and stealing valuables. According to the Electronic Security Association, a study of convicted burglars by the University of North Carolina found that about 83% of the burglars stated that they would try to check if there was an alarm before proceeding with the burglary. Intrusion security cameras help capture the face and other details of the burglary, which assists police officers to catch the offenders. However, the effectiveness of your cameras depends on where you have placed them. Here are the five best places to install security cameras. 1. Entrances and Exits This is the most important spot to place an intrusion security camera. It helps you know who entered and left the premises and when it happened. If a suspicious person enters or leaves the building, you...

    top notch security system

    4 Myths About Security Systems Debunked

    There are many myths concerning security systems and some common beliefs that just aren't true. Security systems are a great way to keep you and your family safe and secure. While there is a built-in delay before the monitoring company is called, that time is usually between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, according to A top notch security system could be what keeps your property and your loved ones from harm. Here are four myths about security systems debunked. The Security Signs Don't Help In reality, burglars want a simple hit without problems. They don't want to spend a lot of time getting into and out of a property and they don't want to mess with alarms and other deterrents. If they see you have a system, chances are they are going to move on to another house. According to Safewise, up to 60% of robbers are deterred by a security...


    Why Are Alarms So Important?

    Statistics show that significantly more break-ins happen during the last 2 weeks of the year, specifically the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year's, than any other time of the year. These two weeks provide some of the first really cold weather of the season and create empty streets with plentiful stock available in stores. Jewelry and other easily cashed valuables are in abundance and highly targeted. That means there's more opportunity for burglars during the last two weeks of the year than at any other time. Valuables and Opportunities Lead to Thievery It's that simple. Whenever you have a situation where retail businesses have an abnormally high amount of stock, such as during the holidays when running out of stock on a critical item can endanger an entire business, thieves will try to take advantage. Daytime theft tends to be pilferage and shoplifting. Thieves during the daytime steal items of...