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3 Warning Signs Your Security System Needs to Be Updated

If you own or manage a business, it's essential that you ensure the company's security system is working at all times. Unfortunately, only one out of every seven businesses invests in some sort of security alarm dispatch system. So if you have integrated alarm systems, you're already one step ahead of other companies. But it's not enough to just have an alarm system, you need to have a reliable and effective security system. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few signs that your security solutions could use some updating. Poor or missing cameras: Security cameras are an important part of every security solution. They can help business owners keep an eye on what's going on both inside and outside the building. Cameras can also help deter people with bad intentions from stealing anything or trying to break in. But if the cameras are missing or show a poor...

Commercial-Industrial Realty Council of Delaware Hosts January Luncheon

Members of the Commercial-Industrial Realty Council of Delaware and their guests met on Wednesday, January 9 at a new location, the Dupont Country Club. Luncheon attendees were treated to a "sneak peak" at the new 76ers Fieldhouse in Wilmington. The regional facility will draw sports fan from around the area. Robert Buccini and Mike Hare provided an exciting overview of the construction of the facility and the many features that will be available. (Left to right: Mike Hare, Don Robitzer and Rob Buccini) Continuing education classes were also held before and after the luncheon. Although the organization continues to attract new members due to the hard work of the CIRC/Delaware Membership Committee, there was one new member at the January meeting. (New member Kole Fatunmbi, Batta Environmental Associates, Inc. and Jim Manna, Chairman, CIRC/Delaware Membership Committee). Here is the photo gallery for the January luncheon: [nggallery ID=21] The next meeting will be Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at the...

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The Best Way to Protect Your Business Is 24/7 Monitoring

Protecting your business has never been more important than it is today. While many crimes have moved to the digital plane, there's still a significant risk of a physical break-in. Your business is your livelihood, which means you need to treat it as such. And the best way to do just that and prevent burglary is with high-quality burglar detection. Here's why. Trust in the Professionals Almost anyone can install cameras and keep an eye on their business when they feel the need. However, that's often not enough. What if you had highly trained professionals constantly monitoring for criminals and being able to contact authorities when you're not aware? Many alarm systems have a delay process before contacting your monitoring company the delay can be anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes. Verified burglar detection systems are constantly watching your business to maintain security at all times. Having a security system that...

How Do I Know If I Experience A False Alarm?

When you rely on the best alarm companies in Philadelphia PA, you can rest assured that your business is protected from harm. Unfortunately, false alarms or other triggers might make you fear for the safety of your business. Here's why a false alarm may occur and how to ensure this type of issue doesn't happen in the future. How common are false alarms? Unfortunately, many alarm calls end up being a false alarm. This means that your home or business wasn't in any danger and it was something else that tripped the alarm systems. It's estimated that police will respond to a 38 million alarm calls each year but between 94% and 98% of those activations are false alarms. Why did I have a false alarm? There are numerous factors to why your business or property experienced a false alarm. One of the most common causes of a false alarm is an error in technology,...

CIRC Delaware Members Celebrate the Holidays at December Luncheon

Members of the Commercial Industrial Realty Council of Delaware (CIRC/Delaware) gathered at the University & Whist Club on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 for their Annual Holiday Luncheon. Attendees brought canned goods for the Food Bank of Delaware and earned a raffle ticket for fabulous prizes. Additional raffle tickets were purchased to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware. Dawn O’Neill and Rebecca Wilczinski attended the luncheon to represent the organization. Thanks to the generous raffle donations from our members: $50 Lowe's Gift Card  courtesy of Susan Miller, Gioffre Commercial Realty Philadelphia Flyers (2 tickets & reserved parking pass)  courtesy of Steve Burnett, IFS Insurance Irish Coffee Gift Basket  courtesy of Khristian Toolan, Marlings, Inc. Relaxation Gift Basket  courtesy of Kim Connell, First State Elevato Full Page Ad in MidAtlantic Real Estate Journal & Free Ticket to Conference of Choice courtesy of Linda Christman, MARE Journal Quarter Page Ad in Delaware Business Times + $100 credit toward any DBT Digital product courtesy of Charlie Tomlinson, Today Media (Total value = $1,450) Holiday gift basket from Terrain courtesy of Kristin Marinelli, KLM...

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Deter Shoplifting In 3 Easy Steps

It's estimated that retailers in North America will lose nearly $45 billion in inventory shrink each year. When you want to deter theft from happening in the first place, follow these tips to keep your inventory safe. Watch for common shoplifting tricks Shoplifters often use the same tricks when they visit retail stores. Common techniques they use include: Working in groups -- If you see a group of people consisting of three or more, that's your cue to watch out. While it's rare that families will shoplift together, large groups of people might attempt to distract employees while other members stow away valuable goods. Large bags -- Large bags make it easy to conceal a variety of items. Also, watch for shoplifters who bring in multiple bags. Overly baggy clothing -- This includes large jackets or cargo shorts that have the opportunity for concealing many items. Loose clothing can also leave enough room for layering...

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3 Tips to Protect Your Business During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, more and more people are going to be out and about looking for gifts. And unfortunately, not everyone plans on paying for these gifts. Theft significantly increases during the holidays, with more break-ins occurring during the last two weeks of the year than any other time of the year. So businesses need to prepare now to prevent becoming a victim of theft. We've compiled a short list of tips to help protect your business this holiday season.   Go over security policies: The easiest way to prevent theft is by reviewing security policies and protocols with your employees. All employees should be aware of security protocols, like locking up and setting the alarm. If the office is going to be closed for the holidays, ensure all employees know where to lock up their belongings in the office and you should update the alarm company of the holiday hours....

Security Tips for a New Business

What are our competitors like in the area? Will employees want to work here? Can we afford the rent? These are all questions a new business might ask when selecting their first location. Many, however, forget to ask something very important - How can we make sure our new business location is secure? Most new business owners will be acquire or lease a business facility for the first time. There is so much to think about before you open the doors, but don’t forget the fundamental questions about security. Installing a robust security system will take away the worries of your property and will let you focus on what matters - your business. Here are some questions and answers for new business owners about commercial security. I am insured, do I really need a security system? You may have insurance on the equipment and products that you store on your premises, as well as any damages...

The Commercial-Industrial Realty Council of Delaware Hosts Annual Regional Dinner

On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, members of the following organizations joined CIRC/Delaware members for the Annual Joint Holiday Dinner. Not Shown: Craig Fernsler, CCIM, GRI - Chapter Director for Commercial Chapter of Suburban West REALTORS Association (SWRA) Brian Glancey, President, SIOR, Philadelphia Chapter (SIOR) Jeffrey P. Hoffman, President, JPH Realty Advisors LLC, Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM NJ/PA/DE) Joy Barrist, Esq., Vice-PDelaware Real Estate Women (DREW) Alexander D. Knight, MAI, AI-GRS, President, American Appraisal Institute of Delaware (Photo left to right: Ben duPont, Co-owner Dupont Country Club and Don Robitzer, President, CIRC/Delaware, The Commonwealth Group Ltd.) The event was held at the Dupont Country Club. The featured speaker was Ben duPont, Chartline Capital Partners and Co-owner of the Dupont Country Club. Mr. DuPont spoke about the recent acquisition of the Dupont Country Club and the vision for its renovation and repositioning for future viability. An underlying discussion theme was creating an economic development plan for breathing new life into...

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Top 3 Ways To Keep Your Employees Responsible

Human error happens within every industry. Forgetting to clock in, miscounting money in the drawer, or making small mistakes are common. Though technology has made it easier to streamline the workplace, it's still increasingly important to promote workplace responsibility among your staff. Here are some of the best ways to do just that.  Encourage leadership within the workplace Before you involve any technology, establishing a healthy workplace is key. If your employees don't trust their workplace and management, it's going to foster an unhealthy, negative working environment. Work to build trust among your employees and showcase a positive attitude. If you're not willing to serve as a role model with positive leadership to your employees, you might be in the wrong profession.  Install security cameras Security cameras are beneficial to businesses for a number of reasons. Not only do they protect your business and employees, but they also help create a more responsible working environment....