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How Do I Know If I Experience A False Alarm?

alarm systemsWhen you rely on the best alarm companies in Philadelphia PA, you can rest assured that your business is protected from harm. Unfortunately, false alarms or other triggers might make you fear for the safety of your business.

Here’s why a false alarm may occur and how to ensure this type of issue doesn’t happen in the future.

How common are false alarms?

Unfortunately, many alarm calls end up being a false alarm. This means that your home or business wasn’t in any danger and it was something else that tripped the alarm systems. It’s estimated that police will respond to a 38 million alarm calls each year but between 94% and 98% of those activations are false alarms.

Why did I have a false alarm?

There are numerous factors to why your business or property experienced a false alarm. One of the most common causes of a false alarm is an error in technology, meaning that there was an issue in the wiring or your device is malfunctioning. However, power grids and accidents may result in your place of business losing electricity. In the event your property is reconnected your alarm systems following a power outage, it may result in a false alarm.

There are also physical errors that can result in a false alarm. If your sensor’s sensitivity is too high or it is placed in a poor location, any number of things might result in an alarm inaccurately going off, whether that by animals, passerby, or debris.

False alarms might also occur when an employee inputs the wrong key code in your access control systems. Using alarm and card access systems might be one way to mitigate these errors in large companies.

How do I prevent false alarms from occurring?

The best way to prevent false alarms from happening in the first place is by utilizing a commercial security system you can trust. Thanks to the innovate audio-based intrusion detection system used by Sonitrol, you can rest assured that our different security products will work together to keep your business safe.

Whether you’re looking for the best advanced access control systems, burglar detection, security cameras, or more, rely on Sonitrol to reduce your false alarms and ensure the longevity of your business.

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