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How To Choose Internal Security Systems For Your Business

hi tech business security systemsEven though police jump into action for 38 million alarm activations each year, there are threats to your business outside of burglary. One of the biggest threats is, unfortunately, employee theft. It is important to trust your employees, but it is also important to protect your products and information. That’s why trust but verify is such an important policy, and also why you should install hi tech business security systems for your company. Some of the best on the market are advanced access control systems.

Access control is exactly what it sounds like. You will be able to fully control who accesses what information and which areas of your business. In the more hi tech business security systems, you will also be able to track who has accessed the information or location in your company. But how does this work?

How Access Control Works
To set up the system, first you must decide how you want your employees to get into their cleared area. There are a few options with benefits and drawbacks. 

  1. Numbered Password
    This is a very popular option, and certainly has its uses for certain doors. Assign a password for those with clearance to use when attempting to access their part of the building, then only those involved with the department can get in. The problem with this is you don’t know exactly who has entered the department, only that someone in the department has entered. This, however, can be rectified with the proper video surveillance equipment. 
  2. Keycard
    Keycards, like credit cards, afford you the opportunity to know exactly who entered, and when they did so. That said, people lose their credit cards all the time, and often fall victim to identity theft. You don’t want that to happen to your business. 
  3. Fingerprint
    This is perhaps the best way so far to integrate proper security protocol into an access control system. Everybody has a fingerprint, and they are unique to that person. Though they aren’t failproof, the likelihood of someone stealing an employee’s fingerprint is close to zero. 

However you choose to protect your company, just know the pitfalls of your security systems. When in doubt, or in charge of highly valuable goods or information, double down on your security protocol and install backup systems for that extra level of security. 

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