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Audio and Visual: The First Security Systems Your Business Needs

high quality alarm systemsAs the owner of a business, it is your job to make sure your products are safe. Which is why you are right to be concerned with which high quality alarm systems you should be using for your business. A lot of this depends on the type of merchandise you keep in stock and what industry you are in, but two things remain important to almost every business. 

Audio-Based Intrusion Detection System

One of the most high quality alarm systems to date incorporates the use of highly sensitive microphones that listen for noises that match the sound an intruder would make when nobody is around. This can help you detect and prevent late-night burglaries, saving you potentially thousands of dollars of stolen product. 

One concern that gets raised about audio-based systems is that they can be too sensitive. That’s why most alarm systems have built-in delays that can last from half a minute to three minutes before triggering a contact response to the monitoring company. This reduces the chances of a false alarm significantly. 

Business Surveillance System

Cameras are an absolute must if you are in retail. Not only do they serve a deterrent against shoplifting, but they can help you identify the guilty shoplifter as well. Making a living as a retail store owner can be difficult when you are starting out. Matters are made much worse when people try to steal your merchandise. 

While cameras are possibly the most widely utilized commercial security products, they are only as good as the person monitoring them. Hire someone you trust to do the job or monitor the cameras from your phone. That way you will never feel powerless against potential thieves.

If you are an entrepreneur who is starting to see some success, you have a problem with inventory shrink, it might be time to explore your security system options. The two most important fundamentals of security are having eyes and ears on your store. Accomplish this with an audio and visual surveillance system. If you need help finding the right security systems for your store, contact us for more information. 

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