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Why You Need Security Cameras In Your Office Environment

security camera solutionsIt might not seem like your office really needs security camera solutions. After all, most of your work is done on computers and your employees don’t handle the exchange of money, right? Here are some of the best reasons to install security cameras in your office. 

It protects your assets
Even though you’re not working with money directly, you still have valuable goods and assets within your corporate office. Tablets, phones, even entire computers might be stolen by a disgruntled employee. By using a commercial security system, you will be able to stop internal theft. It’s been reported that 35.5% of inventory shrink is due to thefts committed by employees. 

A surveillance system will also ensure that your timing matches up with the actions committed by your employees. Say an employee clocks in at eight in the morning, but claims that they punched in at seven. By monitoring your cameras, you can disprove their claim and perform the correct disciplinary action. One of the most common ways employees steal from their office is by lying on their timesheets.

It protects your employees
This is a hugely beneficial asset for your human resources team. Utilizing a business security camera system in the office will prevent your employees from committing inappropriate acts at work, including theft between employees and any unwelcome behavior. Better yet, a CCTV camera solution will catch the perpetrator in the act, proving their crime. Try installing a few cameras in high traffic areas and in the lot where your employees work to protect them from external threats. 

It boosts productivity
You might not always be watching your employees, but they think you will be: employing security camera solutions will ensure your employees stay on task and work hard. By installing security camera solutions, your employees will feel more accountable for their behavior and work more productively. More than half of employers in America utilize surveillance systems, making it a common occurrence in the workplace. 

It allows you to monitor remotely
Even when you’re on vacation, you can ensure your business is performing admirably thanks to remote monitoring technology available in most new security camera solutions. Through this updated technology, you can monitor your video surveillance from anywhere in the world when it’s hooked up to your wireless management account. 

If you want to protect your company and its assets, consider installing video surveillance cameras today. For more information on Sonitrol security solutions, contact us today. 

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