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What Happens When Your Commercial Security Alarm Is Activated?

commercial securityIf you’re thinking about installing commercial security for your business, you’ll be making an important decision regarding the safety of your assets and employees. Not only does a good commercial security system deter theft from the start, it also goes through a process to verify a threat in your workplace. 

Here’s what you can expect from your business security system once your alarm is tripped by a threat. 

1. It detects the threat

Your alarm is tripped when a potential danger tries to break into your place of business. When that occurs, verified audio is transmitted to your commercial security alarm company team where a monitoring professional can listen to the sounds of the break-in. 

2. Your security monitor listens

The trained security professional will listen to the sounds of the break-in to determine if it is a real threat or not. These monitors are ready to protect your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the best in reliable and effective security. The triggered audio sensor will also alert the professional to the location of the break-in via a special code. 

3. But how do they know which sounds to look out for?

Each security personnel will be assigned to your specialized account. As such, they will know which sounds are inherent to your area (think construction). If they hear something that sounds like a threat, they will dispatch the police or other official authority to visit your location. 

If a security monitor is unable to tell whether or not the sound is a threat, they have access to your live video feed via your video surveillance to verify the intrusion. 

4. They stay in contact with the police

One of the best aspects of Sonitrol verified electronic security is that the monitors will stay on the line with the officers and officials to relay important information and get real-time updates. Police are adept at responding to alarm calls since up to 25% of all calls to the police result from triggered alarms.

5. What if it’s a false alarm?

The security monitor on the team will be able to verify if your alarm was a real threat or not via the audio-based intrusion detection system. If they determine the event to be a false alarm, they will simply turn it off and notify you of the event. 

When you want a commercial security group you can trust, visit the best team in the state. Sonitrol will ensure your business stays protected at all times. 

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