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Employee Protection: Top 3 Valuable Items To Be Stolen From Your Employees

security alarm systemWhether you work in a big city or in a small community, theft occurs everywhere. It’s important to know how to protect your employees and their belongings. When you’re installing your new security alarm system, consider these common items your employees own that might be stolen. 

1. Bicycles
Your eco-friendly employees will need extra protection from a good business surveillance system. Bike thefts rank among the top stolen items according to home insurance claims. While encouraging your employee to buy a bike lock might be the cheaper option, it’s your job to ensure the safety of the goods of your employees. Installing cameras or motion detectors from a reliable security alarm company is a great way to deter criminals and record the incident should a bicycle be stolen. 

2. Mobile phones and laptops
If your company utilizes technology in your day to day operations, your employees are at-risk of theft both inside and outside of business hours. It isn’t unheard of for thieves to break into a home simply because they saw a phone left unguarded. Any materials that are easily moved should be locked up at night. Encourage your employee to install security software on their phone, but track thefts with your preferred security system.

3. Money
Give your employees a space to keep their belongings in a locked, guarded location. Though CCTV systems are not often allowed in employee break rooms, using a good security system can keep track of who goes in and out and at what time. This can help reveal who might have committed a theft if they were present at the location of the crime when it was performed. 

Burglars often avoid businesses and homes with visible security cameras — nearly 50% claim they would stop their burglary if they discovered an alarm system. Consider installing visible cameras around theft-prone areas and nearby doors and windows to deter would-be thieves. Also, consider window stickers or placing signs that say a security system is in place in case you prefer subtle commercial security products. Talk about your options with your security alarm company to decide what features and products are the best options for your business. 

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