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The 4 Best Alarms To Keep Your Business Theft Free This Holiday Season

commercial security systemsDid you know that in the last two weeks of December there are more break-ins than at any other time of the year? Preparing your home or business for this holiday season is important, especially with all the gifts stashed in your house or extra inventory you’ve stocked for the holiday season. Here are some steps you can take to improve your home or business security and ease your mind over the holiday season. 

  1. Alarm Systems
    If you live in a home with simple locks and no alarm system, you are a big target for petty thieves. A determined burglar will be able to pick your lock with ease, but if they notice that you have an alarm system installed, they might not try to break in at all. If they do attempt to enter your home, your alarm will sound. This will instantly alert you and law enforcement so that you both know that someone is trying to burgle your home.
  2. Access Control
    Advanced access control systems and solutions are integral to most commercial security systems. They allow you to give permissions to employees through a code, card, or even fingerprint recognition to enter your business. Criminals that attempt to steal your holiday season inventory will be stumped by this technology. However, it can also reduce inventory shrink by allowing you to control, monitor, and audit which employees accessed which areas of your premises at any given time.
  3. Commercial Security Systems
    The complete extent of your business’s security features all working together to create the most secure system possible is what you need this time of year. Cameras, motion detectors, alarms, remote access monitoring, and loss prevention officers are all important to preventing theft.
  4. A Dog
    Never underestimate the humble canine for home security! When used in conjunction with an alarm system, a dog (especially a big one) will give the potential burglar that extra dose of fear needed to stop his attempt. Plus, the kids have been asking for a dog for the last two years anyway, right?

Commercial security systems are never more important than in the weeks leading up to the holidays. When you have extra inventory, your business becomes a bigger target. So no matter what you need to secure this winter, look into your security options today for a happier tomorrow.

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