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3 Tips to Protect Your Business During the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, more and more people are going to be out and about looking for gifts. And unfortunately, not everyone plans on paying for these gifts. Theft significantly increases during the holidays, with more break-ins occurring during the last two weeks of the year than any other time of the year. So businesses need to prepare now to prevent becoming a victim of theft. We’ve compiled a short list of tips to help protect your business this holiday season.


Go over security policies: The easiest way to prevent theft is by reviewing security policies and protocols with your employees. All employees should be aware of security protocols, like locking up and setting the alarm. If the office is going to be closed for the holidays, ensure all employees know where to lock up their belongings in the office and you should update the alarm company of the holiday hours. Reviewing and implementing security protocols is the first step to keeping your business safe.


Check your outdoor lights: Business owners often severely underestimate how much lighting can help when it comes to deterring thieves. This is especially important in the winter with shorter days and darker nights. When a business has plenty of lighting at every door, window, and side entrance, thieves are more likely to choose another place to try to get into. So if your business currently has dark spots, especially in parking lots, consider adding more lighting. This is beneficial for employee safety as well when it comes to walking to their cars in the dark.


Invest in an alarm system: If for some reason your business has not yet invested in commercial security solutions, now is the time to do so. Integrated security systems are essential for keeping businesses protected from theft. Reliable and effective security systems can not only keep money and merchandise secure, but alarm systems also play a key role in providing a safer work environment for employees. So if you don’t have one yet, or have an old system, make sure to look into integrated security systems now.


Protecting your business is something that should always be on your mind. So consider these simple tips and help ensure your business is protected this holiday season.

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