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3 Reasons Sound-Based Verified Alarms Are Crucial For Business Security

sound based verified alarmsWhen it comes to intrusion security for your business, there are a number of reasons you should take it seriously. First, and most obviously, you want to protect your products from theft. Second, you might have corporate data that could be used as leverage against your company. And third, you could have personal information that you store in your office that you don’t want to become public knowledge. Privacy and security must be the top priorities for every business owner. Even if you have video surveillance and sophisticated locks, your business might be vulnerable. One of the most overlooked security measures is the use of sound-based verified alarms. Here is how they protect your business. 

  1. Audio Detection
    Where many motion sensing devices fail, audio detection devices succeed. If a criminal is attempting to break into your company, they could very well know that there are motion-triggered cameras, and know where they are located. This would allow them to avoid detection by staying out of range of the cameras. Also, if a raccoon is rummaging through the dumpster outside of your business, audio detection is often able to tune that out. 
  2. Automatic Alarm Company Contact
    If there happens to be a sufficiently suspicious noise detected by sound-based verified alarms, the alarm monitoring company will be directly contacted. This provides an immediate contact point with the proper authorities and can ultimately catch the criminals in the act. 
  3. Verification
    This is the absolute most important part of audio based business security systems. Since a false alarm requires two officers to investigate and 20 minutes of their time, the costs associated with false alarms are much higher than you would think. That’s why sound-based verified alarms contact the security company in charge of monitoring your alarm system. They are then able to listen to a live audio feed of the noise being made and then determine if it is an actual break-in attempt or some unrelated street noise. 

Audio detection is an excellent method of securing your business from intrusions. When you have highly sensitive information or valuable products to protect, it is crucial to take every step in preventing theft. The stakes are too high to leave your business unsecured.

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